Crystal Balls Sunlight Combustion Warning Explained

The staff at Crystal Balls and Phoenix Orion Gifts are often asked why there's a warning label with instructions to keep the Crystal Balls out of direct sunlight.

This is a very important question, not only for safety, which is extremely important, but also from a physics standpoint.
It's very easy to come up with multiple reasons why this may be true, especially since the label is a tad misleading with the word combustion.

Common Crystal Balls Warning Label Explanations

  • Fracture from Heat Stress or Sudden Expansion (My first guess)
  • Potential to Scald Upon Handling
  • Made from Flammable Material
  • Increased Probability that it will Shatter especially for rapid cooling

All of these explanations, while some are remotely possible for very large spheres, are extremely unlikely to occur.
Even when they are dropped on a hard surface they don't shatter they actually bounce but do show a circular "ding" with outlying stress marks from the impact.

The real reason for the warning is that they are superb at refracting light and without forethought of placement may ignite a nearby object or it's own support with focused rays of sunlight.

The simple answer: Crystal Balls act as a magnifying glass and can heat or ignite nearby objects.

Common Crystal Balls Warning Label Explanations

  • The most common scenario is an unwanted blemish on a table or premature drying or fading of softer surfaces.
  • As the seasons change so does the position of the Sun, best to place them well out of range and not to rely on covers or other removable items.
  • On that note there are more than a dozen applications for these items in a survival setting.
  • Stay safe and your family will enjoy your crystal ball for generations as it's handed down with fables and eulogies.

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